Web system development

Founded in 2017 with a series of great projects, every website we create brings a new idea. And fully meet the needs of all customers including Human resource management system, Database optimization, Multi-platform connection, online booking, online payment, data collection, …

If your company has a website and you want it to be a more powerful tool, please contact us. We will turn your website into a smarter website with more convenience for users and business management.

Some smart systems we do:

– Member system.
– Automatic renewal and reminders
– Specialist of an event booking system
– API to link with your CRM
– Collect and analyze large-scale data
– Automatic report
– The online learning management system
– Manage accounts and invoices automatically
And the smarter things we can create with you now!

Project implementation process:
1. Receive information
2. Customers Provide your company project profile
3. Discuss the project and progress
4. Sign contracts and advance money.
5. Fasten the design on .sketup or Photoshop.
6. Conduct demo code in stages
7. Complete the project and pay the remaining amount.


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