Our Process

Client Brief

01 - Client Brief

The sales department exchanges with businesses to receive information and statistics on specific requests from customers. Specific service requirements, tasks performed, desired timelines, etc.

Write Proposal

02 - Write Proposal

The project team will discuss with the customer to advise, give the best implementation plan, completion plan, and handover time based on the customer's desired timeline.

Brainstorm Ideas

03 - Brainstorm Ideas

After localizing the request from the customer, we will proceed to get an overall idea of ​​how to deploy the service and build the framework and workflow.

Sign A Contract

04 - Sign A Contract

We will directly advise customers on pricing issues, appropriate service packages, and commitment policies after completing the project. Offer the most suitable solutions and optimize the execution process for customers.

Detailed Plan

05 - Detailed Plan

After signing and finalizing the implementation plan from the general plan, we will proceed to implement a detailed and specific plan for each step in the production process. Make a work schedule, allocate work tasks to personnel, create a project checklist.


06 - Production

From the corporate client's request, we research, analyze and provide a more systematic summary. Carry out the implementation according to the developed plan, check the progress, and urged the personnel to follow the plan progress.

Revise & Represent

07 - Revise & Represent

We listen to customer feedback objectively, make appropriate adjustments to the requirements as well as products/services provided, fully and transparently report in the implementation process.

Acceptance Testing

08 - Acceptance Testing

After completing the project, conduct a test run to check the stability of the components. For services, we will regularly check the efficiency, application-level when running the service, and make appropriate compatibility adjustments.


09 - Monitor/Report

After making sure that the products and services have been applied for the right purposes, run stably and effectively, bring about digital transformation. We will proceed to send the report for acceptance and completion of the project. Commitment to fully apply appropriate policies.


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