Introducing the 4.0 era with “everything is Media”, with the aim of being a pioneer in Vietnamese information system industry, THCmedia has been doing our best to reassure giving the most productive and efficient answers, which help solve any challenge within this industry.

We believe and understand that brand differentiation and customer relationship are the most vital assets of a company. It is necessary to improve and develop both of them along the journey. Therefore, our missions are to provide consultation and supports to customer with the professional attitude, quality-guaranteed results while help you to minimize the cost regarding time and financial issues.

Our Mission

Being a reliable and supportive partner with you (Sole trader, partnership or company) in the journey of building brand and reputation within your business network system.

We are here to provide IT support with the most professional attitude and qualified services while join hands in the revolution and development journey of national information system industry.

Core Value

  1.    Providing high standard of quality service with the responsible and professional attitude from THCmedia HR.
  2.    With the spirit of “for-the-best” and “non-stop efforts”, we proudly provide the most optimal services to customers and reinforce to improve it the quality day-by-day.
  3.    High conscious of Discipline, Responsibility and Honesty requires THCmedia team to bring the best outcome and consistently operating the system.
  4.    With the adapting and always gaining knowledge, we could catch the trend on current market while improving and manipulating, so as to supply optimal solutions/ services with the best professional performance and short time for processing customers response.

Our services are basing on 3 main fields:


Design and develop website (Branding website, Microsite, building the Bio-System of Websites and Commercial Web)

Design and develop Mobile-Application

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Research

Providing Blockchain researching and develop the use of it

Human resources

Provide Training and High-qualified Human Resource in IT industry.


Planning and executing online marketing activities on diversified platform such as social media and SEO.

Our Vision and the development journey in the next 10 years:

2017 – 2022:

  • Top 10 companies who leading the trend of Web Designing and Developing within Vietnamese market.
  • Training and supply more than 200 experienced employees in the Information System Industry for Vietnam and Japan market.
  • Providing smart solutions concerning traffic issue and anti-theft system in Vietnam.

2023 – 2027

Top 5 companies who leading the Web Designing and Mobile Application Developing in Vietnam.

Training and supply more than 500 high-qualified HR in IT field for Vietnam, japan and Singapore.

Improve, expand and develop number of Smart Solutions help solving issues regarding traffic and anti-theft system in Vietnam.

Our Offer


  1.    Part 1: Programing Language
  • Java
  • Java script
  • Php
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Objective – C.
  • C++
  • Html, css
  1.    Part 2: Framework
  • AngularJs
  • Laravel
  • React
  • NodeJs
  • WordPress
  • React native
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • Nativescript


Currently, we have been collaborating with several training HR centres and high-profile IT universities with the aim of talent-hunting. Along with recruiting talent, the high standard of working ability from our own HR also provide a professional environment for trainee to improve skills and career development.

The opportunities to learn and apply what you have learnt into reality that provide real-experience and minimize the unexpected scenarios when manipulating knowledge.

The study experience regarding practical and deep-learning would equip you for success. Several skills could be listed: hard-skills, soft-skills including teamwork, self-developing, etc.

Media – Marketing

  • Facebook ADs
  • Google ADs
  • SEO
  • Content social
  • Viral video

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