Policy on handing over specific information related to services and forwarding service contracts. This is the customer’s right to receive and you will not lose any additional costs in the process of delivery and receipt. All are clearly stated in the work contract signed with the customer. The policies and terms at THCmedia will be included in the service contract.

1. Handing over the signed contract to the customer

After the customer and THCmedia company sign a service contract as required and pay the costs according to the terms of the service provision contract.

Based on the agreement in the signed contract, the customer has the right to ask us to start building services as agreed upon by both parties. We will proceed to hand over the signed contract to customers as follows:

Delivery rules:

  • The company will send you 2 copies of the contract that the company has signed for the customer.
  • When you receive 2 copies of the contract with confirmation signatures and seals of our unit, then sign both copies, then return 1 copy of
  • the contract to the office according to the address information: 08 Duong Van An, Man Thai Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Handover form:

Direct; Post office; Express delivery; Sending passenger cars,…

2. Handover of finished products and customer information

When the service work has been completed and the customer has also paid in full according to the signed work contract. We will proceed to hand over to you the following relevant information:

Delivery rules:

  • Finished products
  • System administration information
  • Videos, articles on how to use the service
  • The attached documents help customers develop well the system, products, and services that we have provided

Delivery form:

We will send information to customers through communication channels with customers such as Facebook, Zalo, Gmail, …

Thank you for taking the time to review our full-service policy.

When you use the service at THCmedia, it means that you have reviewed and agreed to accept the policies that our company has made public. Issues arising during service provision will be resolved by both parties based on clear and specific provisions in the above policy.

In addition to the things mentioned in the above policy, please contact us directly at  0935 880 322  for more specific advice!

Wishing our customer’s health and success!


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