Labor development

Do you dream of having your own software development team in Vietnam?
Let us implement your dreams strategically with our very own service

By signing a contract with us, we will provide the development team for you to run your application project from Vietnam. During project implementation, the development team will receive instructions directly from you until the end of the project. We provide high standard manpower for your project, expanding your flexibility and freedom to manage your time. Other types of offshore projects, THCmedia provides you with excellent testing groups for Quality Control Testing for your application.

Key points about Software Development offshore in the laboratory for beginners

1. Offshore development trends in the IT industry

Before starting Offshore Development, the heaviest cost for Japanese IT Projects (including System Development, Application Development & Web Production), is said to have lied about manpower costs… There was a way to develop abroad that was started by using relatively lower manpower costs, of which the majority of the budget was reduced for projects.
Meanwhile, Vietnam is a country that is changing dramatically on information technology for employers and coordinating human resources from Japan.
For Vietnam, it is their good point, such as a good understanding of coding language development system and fewer communication barriers when being able to build an IT system,
For Management in the case of this System Development Project, Project Manager from Japan will, of course, be responsible at the front line.

2. Develop lab

Developing abroad, there is no doubt the best solution when it comes to cost savings by moving many developments into offshore locations at the same time. However, due to offshore development being basic contract practice, the fact that it is undeniable to bind the best talents, in the long run, is easier said than done.
This is where the lab grows. With the task volume defined on a fixed schedule usually short-term, the quality of work required in a project will be guaranteed at least guaranteed.
By ensuring the recruitment of similar talents from the beginning of the Laboratory Development Project phase, and with the ongoing practice of keeping, the quality and work of development will be maintained. Therefore, it is easier to continue Developing the Lab with the same quality of work.

Think about reducing the total cost, or the quality of the final product, with no reason not to take advantage of this by using this Lab Development Service.

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