? The creator of the famous game Angry Birds will be at SURF 2019 – the Da Nang Startup and Innovation Festival.

You may not know ? the story behind the famous “angry birds” game:

In 2003, Peter Vesterbacka along with two friends from University Hensinki (Finland) participated a developing mobile games contest. After winning the contest, the team decided to open their own company, Rovio Entertainment. However, it was not until the 52nd game published by the company- Angry Birds, that the team actually succeed. The original idea of this game was drawings of an angry flock of birds, running around and destroyed everything. Only after multiple adjustments that the founding team actually completed and published the game to App Store.

⚡️After 10 years since its debut, Angry Birds is still one of the most successful games in the world, with around 300 million downloads on all platforms and versions. Despite being a free game on the mobile platform, Angry birds still know how to create new stores and creatively different play-styles. Throughout many versions, “Angry Birds” is praised for its picturesque visual, humor, addictive play-styles and low-cost.

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SURF 2019 | Danang Startup and Innovation festival
?Time: 8:00 – 17:00 Friday, 01/11/2019
?Venue: Eden Plaza Danang, 05 Duy Tan Street, Danang
E: surfstartupwave@gmail.com – P: (0236) 353 9966