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Imagine, for shops wanting to attract customers and help them understand the superior features of the product, there should be staff standing next to the product, offer and introduce. Online businesses are similar, when you put pictures on the website without the introduction of the product, customers will accidentally glance without stopping. But when there are quality articles accompanied by vivid illustrations for the product, things change again. Customers will be more mindful, not just read to know the product information they also comment, share with many others.

At the same time, instead of hiring, managing and paying monthly salaries for sales staff, you only need 1 unit to write for a single website. No cost but optimal cost savings, this is the reason many successful business enterprises choose writing services for the website.

You hire employees, pay them, but the number of customers your employees reach in a day is bound to be limited. But for every article promoting products posted on the website the number of customers that it is approaching is unlimited. The figure of 81% of Vietnamese people searching online on the website before deciding to buy, which is evidence of the influence of the development of article and website content in business.

Besides, the articles simply talk about the use of products are no longer in favor of readers. Nowadays, customers tend to read articles on the website with natural content, close, friendly with the reader. Owning a website with attractive, unique and useful articles, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.

You are looking for a website writing service that meets quality content, engaging content, and SEO standards that give users real value, experience and discovery. Come to the writing service, building content for THCmedia website.

Why use THCmedia’s website writing service?

Nowadays, the number of enterprises using the website as a growing sales channel means that the level of competition is fierce. So, if every business website is not optimized and no content development strategy is easy to be left behind, gradually leave the race. Google is smarter, if you have the idea of ​​copying on other websites is really wrong.

Because, when using copy content, your website and product will not be accessible to many people. Editing articles, not copied anywhere, will help Google recognize that your website is truly an investment and automatically increases its rankings.

Understanding the importance and profound influence of writing articles and developing content for business websites, THCmedia provides to customers writing services for the website including product introduction, translation service; company introduction; PR; Standard SEO article… With a team of experienced, dynamic, creative pen, THCmedia confident will bring professional writing, quality. There are many reasons for choice when deciding to cooperate with us:

Support consulting content marketing plan for your website
Provide standard SEO articles, search engine friendly
Make sure the article content is natural, lively, useful, attractive
The form of article presentation is unique, eye-catching, attracting readers
Commitment to complete the content package on time, quickly, conveniently
The most competitive price on the market today
At THCmedia, we work in a professional process, from receiving customer needs, conducting product analysis, content writing services, planning consultancy, content, number of articles. After the customer agrees, we come to sign the contract and proceed to write the article. The last step is to post the visitor, then close the contract. Please contact us to experience standard content writing services, attract customers, increase revenue, increase competition for the website.

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