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Website management

You own a website and your business is growing so you do not have time to manage your website? You do not want to arrange website management personnel

Because the effect was not as expected? Website management is never a simple matter, it requires a high level of expertise and certain knowledge. Many people spend a large amount of money to invest website design majestically but do not take into account the management and maintenance of the website. Therefore, many websites gradually lag behind the development of the current storm.

What difficulties are you having when managing your website yourself?

Spending too much time managing the website does not work
No experience in editing, writing, developing the website
Feeling confused when the website crash
Your website management staff is not working effectively, lack of professionalism
There is not enough data needed to guide the business
These difficulties make you feel confused, reduce the performance. Understanding and empathy with customers, website management service THC media was born as a perfect solution.

Update information for the website.

This is the most time-consuming task because every product, item, service posted on the website should be processed image, accompanied by articles. At the same time, consumers today are not only interested in the product but also want to find out the relevant information. Understanding this psychology of customers, in the process of managing THCmedia website always update the attractive news related to your business.

Sending statistical reports, website analysis

Daily or weekly, depending on the requirements of customers we will send the most comprehensive statistics on the status of the website. You will have the most accurate data on the number of visitors, most viewed products, the most favorite news, … from here we also help advise business strategies for customers.

Orientation, consultancy planning website development

Life is always moving, the website should be planned to grow every day. So, your business website can survive and compete in the market. With our knowledgeable staff in online marketing, we are ready to accompany you to grow your website.

Website optimization

Link optimization and SEO optimization for your product to website quickly top Google. THCmedia’s website management team also assists customers to conduct online marketing activities to bring your website and brand to reach more people, the opportunity to sell from there also increased.

Maintain and troubleshoot technical issues for the website

Monitoring and timely handling of technical problems during the operation of the website helps your website is always in the best state when the customer needs to buy, interact. A smooth website is always appreciated by customers and retained long-term guests.

Having a professional website management means that your website is always up to date and loaded with energy for smooth operation. You will also have time to deal with family matters, other business is more important. Customers only need to submit requirements and expectations for the development of their website, all matters of website management will be staffed by full-time staff of THCmedia. Please leave a message or call us to experience the highest quality of service.

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