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Website development

Website Design & Development Services

We provide website system development services by the company including: Website information, management website, application website, … Project consultancy support 24/7 if you are planning to develop Information technology system for the company. Please send information to us!

We support 24/7!

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Website Design & Development Services

About our Website Design & Development Services

In the age of information technology! Website is considered the most effective tool for interaction and management. In addition to providing information to customers about company products and services, the website also provides information and consumer behavior. In addition, the website is also a place to store customer information so that businesses can accurately assess the needs of users, thereby adjusting the appropriate marketing activities.

Featured of the website are designed by thcmedia
Is a company specializing in designing and developing websites in Danang. With experience from 2016 up to now, along with many websites successfully deployed. We can confidently bring you the impressive website with useful features.

– UX / UI interface is beautifully designed, modern and easy to use.
– Fast loading website speed.
– Content management system is easy to manipulate and edit.
– In particular, we optimize the website to help your website rank higher on search engines.
– Friendly and professional navigation menu makes it easy for customers to find what they need.
– Integrate feedback form and receive service information.
– Information and content security.
– With a dedicated staff. We will always support you to use the website most effectively.
We provide services:
– CRM system design for small and medium enterprises (SME)
– Transfer the old platform website to the new platform.
– Design websie information and application website.
– Develop more website functions on existing platforms.
– Development of the database.
– Develop mobile applications based on the available website platform.
– Design UX / UI website interface.
– Repair and research website development.

NOTEs Our Website Design & Development Services:

  • The fee does not include 10% VAT.
  • Please contact us directly or login interface of service packs management before ordering the upgrade options and additional services.
  • In the quotation will not include maintenance costs, server, domain.
  • We will not develop any website that violates Vietnamese laws as well as in any country.
  • In addition to the original agreement. During the implementation of the project, if the customer changes, please send us a document to recalculate the costs and incurred.

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