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Warranty Policy – Maintenance

1. Warranty Policy.
1.1.1 Warranty coverage:

Warranty policy of THCmedia is provided to customers within 01 year after using the service.

1.1.2 Warranty terms:

– Warranty of all functions already, or has built the product.

– Warranty all errors related to technical background.

– The scope of the warranty does not include the redesign of the old interface, the construction of missing features of the product, the warranty of errors arising not due to the cause of the product itself as the error of use. incorrect method, server error, error due to natural calamities such as natural disaster, fire …

– Provide reasonable advice, promptly support customers when there are problems arising in the process of using the product.

1.2. Troubleshooting for warranty coverage:

In the event of product malfunction, the service is not working properly due to technical errors covered by the warranty, THCmedia will carry out product warranty, restore the latest stable operating status, at least 24h (or 48 hours – in the case of two days off) under the following conditions:

– Customers follow the instructions and advice on the use and protection of products and services prescribed.

– Customers follow the operating procedures of products and services and do not have any signs of interference in the technical items of products and services.

2. Maintenance Policy.
2.1. Scope and maintenance terms.

2.1.1 Maintenance scope:

Maintenance policy is applied after the end of the warranty period for the customer’s website.

2.1.2 Maintenance Terms:

Maintain and ensure the operation of products and services technology website provided by THCmedia in the process of operation, including:

– Overcoming technical incidents and errors caused by the use and operation of products and services, ensuring that products and services are always maintained in the best condition.

– Training on methods of using, managing products and services periodically as prescribed and working day by phone and email.

– Solve problems related to the operation of products and services by phone and email.

– Be entitled to support new features in accordance with the after-sales regulations of the company.

– The scope of maintenance does not include the redesign of the old interface, the construction of missing functionality of the product, the maintenance of defects arising from third parties, not the customer caused, for example, Server crash, natural disaster, fire etc…

– Providing reasonable advice and timely support to customers when problems occur during the use of products outside the scope of maintenance.

2.1.3. Troubleshooting the scope of maintenance:

In the event of product or service incidents occurring within the scope of maintenance, the Company will maintain and restore the product within 24 hours (or 48 hours – in case of two days off) within the following conditions:

– Incidents that cause local consequences of the product and can restore the status quo.

– Having all the necessary data provided by customers to analyze the cause of the problem.

In the event of a malfunction, for example, the product functions have been destroyed, can not be restored or hard to recover the product function, the Company will provide appropriate solutions to recover and overcome the consequences of the suspension of products and services to customers.

In the event of an out-of-maintenance incident, the Company will promptly advise on possible remedial measures and assistance in the shortest possible time at the expense of its clients.

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