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Refund Policy

Conditions for refund, payment for services
The problem occurs between THCmedia and you lead to the inability to continue the service, we will proceed to refund to customers in the following cases:

THCmedia does not meet the requirements of services as signed on the contract (website, seo …)
THCmedia violated the contract signed
The customer has paid but THCmedia not deliver the service, product on time in the contract without good reason.
THCmedia customers will NOT be refunded in the following cases:
Customer unilaterally terminates the contract
Customer violates the signed contract
Non-refundable with domain name services, software licenses, server rental services.
Refund method
For refunds, please call the service provider and request a refund with THCmedia’s sales department via email: Within 1 – 3 business days, we will review the error. If this error is from us, the customer will be refunded based on the refund condition.

To improve the quality of service we will receive all feedback from customers. Thank you for using the service.

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