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Are you not fluent in a foreign language? Are you having trouble with specialized documents written in foreign languages? You do not want to spend a lot of time sitting in the dictionary for hours? THC Media brings you professional translation services. We are confident of being one of the leading translation service providers in Da Nang.

According to research from Forrester, when you work with a professional translation unit, it will triple your sales opportunity by 40%. In addition, translation services also help businesses effectively improve brand image, expand market share. Therefore, most intelligent managers always look to the prestigious translation agencies in Da Nang such as THC Media.

THC Media – a prestigious translation agency in Danang

If you have a translation project or are looking for a reputable translation company in Da Nang, then THC Media is a worthy name for you to cooperate. We are proud to bring you the best translation service packages.

Standard Translation
For a translation company like THC Media, the exact translation request was placed on top. THC Media owns a good and experienced translator team. No matter which documents or specialized documents are processed by us. We are confident to provide customers with accurate translations up to 99.9%.

Quick Translation
Delivery on time – that is our commitment. No matter how complex the documents, we still ensure the most accurate and timely delivery. The fast translation factor but still the quality is the strength in THC Media’s translation services.

Multilanguage translation, multidisciplinary
We provide multilingual translation services. At the same time, we receive translations of documents:

Email marketing, PR articles
Multi-language website translation
Translation company profile, business
Translation Marketing Specialization
Translation of financial reports, economic contracts, …
High security
THC Media understands that confidentiality is a matter for many partners. With a staff of professional and long experience, the same sense of responsibility in the work. We commit to absolute confidentiality of documents, documents of customers during the cooperation. Without disclosing any customer information, all documents after the handover will be thoroughly removed. Most of the customers who have collaborated with THC Media are quite satisfied with this.

Best translation service in Da Nang
We provide the best price, competitive services in Da Nang market today. Excellent service comes with an affordable price – this is a bright spot to help us score absolutely in the eyes of partners, customers.

THC Media always puts customer’s satisfaction first. In order to have accurate and attractive translations, our staffs are always trained to improve their skills. In addition, modern equipment systems cater for too

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Address: 11 Ngo Viet Huu, Ngu Hanh Son district, DN.
Telephone: 0935 880 322

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