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Privacy Policy

At, we consider the protection of your personal information a top priority. Therefore, we are committed to using the information in accordance with the company’s policies

1- Purpose and scope of information collection
Your information is used for the purpose of confirming your service contract, signing and handing over the contract.
Commitment not to sell your information to any third parties
Personal information collected will only be used within the company.
When you contact the service, the personal information we collect includes:
First and last name
In addition to the personal information, we also collect information about the project such as website reference, website information that customers are using, competitors, …
2- Scope of information use
After we collect the information will be used for the following purposes “

Customer support
Provide information related to the service
Handle orders and provide services and information through our website at your request
Confirm and sign the contract.
In addition, your information will be used to support management services for you as well as to facilitate future promotions of THCmedia.

Time for information storage
We will keep the information of customers during the time you use the service in our company if you request to remove the information please contact us by email: Lienhe@thcmedia.VN

4- Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information
TMC Media Joint Stock Company

Head office: No 03 My Da Tay 9, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son Dist. Danang.

Telephone: 0935 880 322



5 Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.
You can log on to then use the live chat tool to get the best support from the counselor and fill out the personal information and project information. When you want to change information or request, you send an email to to request a change.

6- Commitment to confidentiality of customer information
THCmedia, the protection of your personal information is very important, you are assured that the information provided to us will be confidential. We are committed to not sharing, selling or renting your personal information to anyone else. We are committed to using your information only in the following circumstances:

Improve the quality of service for customers
Settlement of disputes and complaints
When required by law.
We understand that your right to the protection of your personal information is our responsibility, so in case of any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact us. via hotline: 0935 880 322 or email:

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