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The problem of human resources is always a problem with many enterprises. How to reduce the manpower training costs while still ensuring the efficiency of work? In Da Nang, many businesses have chosen the right way to hire human resources. In this way, companies still keep their core business activities, strengths. As for supportive activities, or not for the sake of excellence, they will find a professional hiring unit.

Danang – the ideal destination for IT enterprises in and outside the country

Up to now, human resources in Information Technology in Da Nang is estimated at 20,000 people (data of Department of Information and Communication). According to statistics of Da Nang Software Association, every year nearly 3,000 IT students graduated from the city. Most of the students are trained in top quality universities: Polytechnic University, Pedagogical University, Duy Tan University, FPT University, IT College, Vietnamese-Korean College Create international standard programmers such as Aptech, NIIT, …

In addition, Da Nang has further steps to build a high-quality IT team. In 2017, the Danang government promulgated the plan for developing human resources for information and communication technology in Da Nang until 2020. In addition, the project on the development of human resources at a high level with emphasis on attracting and improving investment. IT resources.

Abundant IT resources are one of the key factors driving foreign investors to Da Nang. The city government also provides incentives for foreign businesses to invest in IT. However, the majority of foreign enterprises investing in Danang have encountered many difficulties in human resources. Understanding this disadvantage, THC Media introduced to you high-quality information technology services in Da Nang.

Why should we use professional IT staffing?

Information technology personnel are specific. It requires a high level of expertise, lengthy training periods, and large training costs. Therefore, when the business needs to recruit IT personnel for short-term projects or want to add people to the team quickly to accelerate the handover. Finding people in this area is not easy. So, you need professional IT personnel such as THC Media.

We help you form a team of highly skilled workers, in the shortest time. Helping you eliminate the whole hiring process takes time. At the same time, minimize training time, training costs. In addition, using IT services from THC Media, you also avoid the risk of not worth the quality when recruiting yourself.

Especially, foreign IT enterprises want to invest in Da Nang. The cultural differences, language is one of the obstacles that make it difficult to access quality IT human resources. Rather than recruiting, spending time, risking, many smart investors choose the solution to find the unit to provide professional personnel.

THC Media operates mainly in the field of IT and communications. We understand the IT labor market and have close links with top quality IT human resources.

Leading information technology services from THC Media

Society is growing, when you or your company lack human resources, expertise or experience in some field, solution outsourcing is the best. THC Media’s IT staffing service in Danang was created to meet the demand for high-quality human resources of our customers. We look forward to providing the best customer support in all IT related activities.

Our management team is experienced, knowledgeable about personnel needs, requirements of each work position. Ensure supply “right personnel, sufficient quantity”.
In a short time, THC Media can help you build a team of IT engineers working professionally. Help you minimize the time of recruitment and training but still ensure the quality and progress of work.
Our human resources meet the requirements of the quantity and quality of your business.
We have a professional recruitment process along with quick recruiting. IT staffs are carefully selected from trusted partners, leading universities, colleges and IT training centers in Da Nang.
The IT human resources provided by THC Media have undergone a rigorous testing process.
THC Media proposes many candidates for the same position so that customers have the freedom to choose the right people
We come to the flexible IT solutions: short-term, long-term, project …
Caring and customer service dedicated, caring
THC Media is ready to meet every need of hiring IT personnel of domestic and foreign customers. We are confident of being the most reliable and reliable IT provider in Da Nang. Wishing to become a bridge for businesses and the market of high quality IT human resources in Da Nang. THC Media is proud to bring high-quality IT solutions to our customers!

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