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Support Artificial Intelligence research services in Vietnam

Support Artificial Intelligence research services

We provide research and support services for artificial intelligence development in areas such as: Traffic, human resources, hospitals, schools, … Continuous support 24/7. If you have Project please send information to us.

We support 24/7!

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Support Artificial Intelligence research services in Vietnam

Artificial intelligence

Application of artificial intelligence to solve life problems is a step forward in science and technology. If you can use it, you will have an army of many employees who will work for you.
Predict in the next few years! A.I will be a key technology for human development.

With the application of technology and current personnel team!
We provide 2 basic services that support research:
Vision computer and ML

Support Artificial Intelligence research services in Vietnam

About our Artificial Intelligence research services in thcmedia

Is one of the newly developed industry groups in Vietnam. We have researched and connected with many application developers in Vietnam so it can help your project complete as quickly as possible.

Currently our company is studying two main areas: computer vision and machine learning:

  • OpenCV: Through audiovisual devices can identify objects, thereby processing and statistics in the most accurate way. Currently OpenCV is applied in many areas including: Traffic: help police detect the type of vehicle or the number of vehicles, besides detecting the exact means of traffic violations.
  • Machine learning: Are you trying to build or are you training for something smarter? Machine learning is the solution for that. Machine learning with Machine learning helps data to be processed faster and smarter. Help your solution be optimal and more developed.

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