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We provide a smart chatbot application development solution for companies who want to save time and human resources for customer autoresponder on platforms: website, social network, …

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Are you spending too much time on repeating customer care? Your current chatbot platform is having problems answering natural questions?
So you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Our chatbot system will solve your difficulties.

Outstanding features of chatbot created by us.

A customer care counseling conversation, from the beginning to the end of your average, will take 3-5 minutes to answer. These questions are constantly repeated and if you have hundreds of customers in a day, the problem is that the number of customers waiting for answers will increase.
Therefore, the chatbot application is a useful tool to help companies solve this problem. However, why is chatbot smarter and handle natural language?

  • Chatbot application of thcmedia artificial intelligence application helps the system handle chatbot can identify smarter questions and handle many natural languages. Besides training the chatbot system helps applications become more and more intelligent.
  • Surely this is a complex system to operate? Oh no, it is very simple to manage and develop. Application for most of the live chat systems today, You can easily apply and develop.
  • Imagine. If your system takes dozens of employees to answer a few repeated questions! Now you only need one chatbot system to handle them!
  • Operating 24/7 without a break. Answer and process quickly for customers. Increase the experience for customers. They will no longer have to struggle to get information from your product or service!
  • Currently, the chatbot application of THCmedia operates on current live chat platforms such as Facebook, Website, …

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