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Advertising Facebook, Google

Advertising Facebook

In recent years, Facebook has become a “promising land” for individuals, organizations, and businesses to conduct business. For that reason, the competition in this environment is becoming more and more fierce. Nearly 50 million Vietnamese use Facebook every day, so how do you reach this potential customer base, increase sales, outpace your competitors? The answer is to conduct Facebook advertising is really impressive and effective.

But again, you have another problem is not know where to start? How do you advertise effectively? And you look forward to finding a professional, reputable Facebook ad unit to help you? Come to THC Media for excellent Facebook advertising service. What kind of support do we have when using Facebook advertising services from THC Media?

We provide a variety of forms of advertising on Facebook – meet all the requirements of customers. There are many forms of Facebook advertising for customers to choose from: Page Like; Website click; Responsive Event; Video view; At THC Media, if you have any doubts choose which form to suit you, our consultants are ready to support to choose the perfect solution.

Facebook ads are stable, according to the requirements of customers. If Google is the number one search engine, Facebook’s social network is unique. Understanding the power of Facebook as well as the effect of maximizing the potential of this “promised land”, we are committed to providing stable Facebook advertising services to the right audience. Flexible advertising time 24/24 or within the specified time frame.

The process of advertising standard Facebook, science and THC Media. Working on a process that always delivers high performance, we launch Facebook ads that start with ad setup, then run experiments and optimize them to reach and interact well with Facebook users.

Maximize customer support throughout the advertising process. With the motto of putting the interests of customers on top, at THC Media our technical staffs are ready to support you 24/24.

Free consulting time and budget for each Facebook advertising campaign. Enthusiastic, motivated staff THC Media helps you in planning your advertising campaign in the most detailed way to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

Start your Facebook advertising campaign by leaving a message or contact THC Media right away so that we can accompany you and assist you with optimizing your Facebook ads at the lowest cost but sales and revenue. bring about the highest.


Want to bring your brand to reach out to more potential customers? You have spent a lot of money on advertising but not as effective as expected? Have you heard of the power of Google AdWords advertising but have not found a reliable partner?

As many as 90% of customers do searches for products or services on Google before making a purchase decision, so this tool is what Vietnamese first came to when looking for information. Google Adwords is an impressive communication tool that helps businesses reach customers quickly, accurately and extremely effectively.

The prominent benefits of Google Adwords advertising

Reach the exact prospect. The habit of looking up information before buying will motivate the customer to click on your website. This is the target customer that businesses are aiming for, so Google Adwords advertising messages will come in handy and reach precisely those customer groups, increasing sales opportunities.
Flexible in the advertising process. For traditional advertising, changing ad content is extremely time consuming and laborious. But with Google Adwords, everything is much easier, only after 15 minutes you can stay new ad message.
Precise control and measurement of advertising effectiveness. This is the factor that makes this form of advertising won the trust and absolute satisfaction from customers. Providing detailed metrics, specific to each ad template, each keyword … the client is completely secure because it can control the maximum advertising effectiveness it brings.
Low advertising costs, can adjust the budget appropriately. Many customers use Google advertising services are surprised that the cost is only one-third compared to other forms of advertising but the quality that it brings is guaranteed. In addition, you will know the cost of advertising through each day to be flexible to adjust the budget most reasonable.
Quality – bright spot in Google Adwords advertising service at THC Media

THC Media is proud to be the provider of effective digital media solutions, with highly qualified, enthusiastic, creative staff and a scientific workflow. Adwords quality.

THC Media is now a partner of Google
Providing consulting services, analyzing advertising effectively, orienting customers to find the right keywords
Maintaining consistent, consistent advertising
Make sure the customer is satisfied when the ad is properly requested
Commitment to destination URL optimization saves costs
Complete, fast, convenient Google Adwords advertising package
Google Adwords is the most intelligent, convenient, modern and effective advertising service today. Get started promoting sales, increase revenue from Google Adwords advertising services at THC Media. Contact us immediately to experience quality service, high efficiency but the lowest cost. Please leave a message or call us, THC Media honored to serve you 24/7.

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