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Add functions for website

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Why Add functions for website?

In the era of electronic commerce throne, any business would like to own a website with the best features to serve the business. It can be said, a website designed perfectly is the right-hand arm to support the business department of each business. Just like machines, the website needs to be maintained and upgraded, adding features regularly to keep up with the rushing development of science and technology today.
A website is old and slow, causing great difficulties in posting content promoting products and services; Processing contact information with customers. Make customers feel dissatisfied with the quality of service. And even if you are a website manager, there are also many difficulties without the new features.

Taking a simple example, if your website lacks online chatting capabilities, your chances of reaching customers and closing your order have dropped to only 50% of your competitors. In addition, a website is also a “brand face” for your business. Try putting yourself in the position of the customer or partner, how will they evaluate you? Surely one thing is the point of exclusion because of unprofessional when the website is not full of features.

So, for your business to go smoothly and efficiently, upgrading and adding new features to your website is extremely important. A well-integrated website will increase the efficiency of information processing required by customers, thereby increasing business efficiency. Come to THCmedia for support on all features as required.

The service adds high-end website features from THCmedia

With a team of professional web designers and software, technicians are trained, we will accompany you to bring “spectacular” to your site. The team of designers THCmedia can completely turn the old website into a new website, now

modern with many advantages. Some features for the website that THC is currently receiving added to the website for many customers:

Pop-up ads feature: bring the latest product to the customer
Features call button on the website for customers
Email subscription service
Online chat feature
Send a fanpage message
Transfer messages to Gmail
The above are just the basic features for a website in modern times. THCmedia also offers upgrades and additional features depending on customer requirements. We have a team of consultants ready to provide free support to customers when they need more basic and advanced features. Owning a full-featured and modern website will be like “tiger growing wings”, become more professional in the eyes of customers and partners. From there, your business will be advantageous, increasing sales as you want. All inquiries related to services please leave a message or call us to be dedicated, caring.

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